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Cowcentric’s aim is to add value to your dairy agribusiness. Our farm consultants help you identify how to optimize your dairy farm system for productivity, profitability, and environmental outcomes. We then create a customized plan to help you achieve those goals.


At the center of our dairy farm system and meeting our goals is the cow! How we meet her nutritional requirements will affect not only milk production, but reproductive performance, animal health, profit and environmental outcomes.


Throughout the course of a year, the nutritional requirements for a dairy cow change. The cow’s metabolic state, stage of lactation, level of milk production, and the quality and availability of pasture all influence the cow’s dietary requirements.   

Recognizing and understanding the relationship between these factors is critical to delivering a customized farm & nutrition plan to optimize milk solids production, reproductive performance, and maintain the health and well-being of your herds. Our agricultural consultants do this without compromising on profitability.


Cowcentric takes a practical, science-based approach to dairy cow nutrition from a qualified ruminant nutritionist. By optimizing animal nutrition, we aim to improve the milk production, animal health, reproductive performance, and financial performance of your cows.


Maximizing homegrown forage and improving pasture management are key to the profitability of a dairy farming system. We help you create the optimum mix of pasture, forage crops and silages, while optimizing the returns on purchased supplementary feeds.


The nutrition of your cows has a profound impact not only on urinary nitrogen losses, but also on the greenhouse gases they produce. Environmental compliance may seem daunting. We can help make things easier! By modelling your farm system using both Overseer FM® and Farmax®, we can link environmental outcomes with financial performance. We then optimize the farm system to achieve both!


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By taking a cowcentric approach, we can take an emphasis on the health, nutrition and welfare of the cow. Happy, healthy, well fed animals should be both productive and profitable.