Agricultural Consultant Services
in the Waikato & Bay of Plenty

Cowcentric’s aim is to add value to your dairy farming business

We do this by providing independent, practical, science based advice on all aspects of dairy farming. Our services are professional and all advice is confidential to your farming business

Our services include:

  • Independent ruminant nutrition advice

  • Pasture management, feed budgeting, and profitable supplement management

  • Diet Balancing

  • Business Planning, budgeting and gross margin analysis

  • Financial benchmarking

  • Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management and Overseer nutrient budgeting

  • Farm system optimization for profitability and production through Farmax

  • Herd reproductive performance advice

  • Heifer rearing and management plan.

  • Body condition scoring

We don’t care if you are a system 1 or a system 5 farm. Organic, Conventional or something in between? We just want to help you be the best farmer within your chosen system.


Farm Visit:     Typically 3-4 hours          from $500

Farm visits

Our farm consultant visits are much more than a coffee and a chat at the kitchen table. At the start of our involvement, we create a plan based on your goals. We then help coach you towards achieving those goals.We are just as comfortable talking about cows as we are the financial details of your business.

We get out on farm and have a look at where your cows are grazing currently. We review cow behaviour, body condition and manure score. We consider the quality and utilisation of your pasture and assess how much pasture the cows are eating.


The cows’ nutritional requirements are calculated for her stage of lactation, considering pasture quality, availability and utilisation. Milk volume, solids components, and milk urea nitrogen (where available) are all reviewed. We then create a balanced nutrition plan of nutrients, macro & micro minerals, rumen buffers or other additives. 

We only recommend what the cow requires.

Ideally clients receive a farm consultancy visit monthly (3-4 hours length). However, appointments can be customised to suit each client and the level of service they require

Other services:

Stock Feed

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