Cowcentric Stock feed


Throughout the course of a year, the nutritional requirements for a dairy cow change. The cow’s metabolic state, stage of lactation, level of milk production, and the quality and availability of pasture all influence the cow’s dietary requirements.   

Recognizing and understanding the relationship between these factors is critical to delivering a customized nutrition plan to optimize milk solids production, reproductive performance, and maintain the health and well being of your herds.

When creating a customized nutrition plan, we consider the quality and availability of pasture and offer advice on how to maximize this.

We determine the nutritional requirements of your cows based on the cow’s metabolic state, body condition score, stage of lactation and level of milk production.

We calculate what nutrients and minerals may be limiting for milk production, reproductive performance, and animal health. We balance the diet for you and advise of any rumen buffers, minerals, vitamins, or other additives that your herd may need.

Cowcentric has formulated a range of stock feed solutions to meet your cows’ nutritional needs during every stage of lactation, for optimum health and productivity. From calves, to heifers, to cows we have feed solutions available. These feeds can be customized for your herds specific needs.

We work with our preferred manufacturer who provides world class quality assurance and manufacturing from their Hamilton feed mill.

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